Why do men prefer women without makeup?

No Make UpOf course, we all understand that makeup makes women look prettier. After all, that is why there is still a thriving cosmetic industry. Therefore, if makeup makes women look prettier, why do most men prefer that their women go without it?

Countless men have come forward to say it: men generally prefer when a woman is not wearing makeup, or if at all she has to wear some, it should be minimal. 
1. Makeup tells about a woman’s insecurities

Using light makeup to enhance your features is excellent but on the hand, some men believe that if a woman goes an extra mile with the makeup then it shows she has low self-esteem and they definitely don’t want to date a woman who doesn’t feel good about herself.
2. It lets him know you are vulnerable to him
Men say that they would rather date a woman who can go without makeup because it shows she is willing to open up herself to him and show all her bumps and bruises (both literal and figurative).
3. It is fake
Some men opine that a woman wearing makeup comes across as one who is trying to be someone other than herself. 
4. It is sexier
Without makeup, some men believe that a woman’s confidence shines through better. And you can be assured that confidence is one thing that can turn your man on. 
5. It is purer
Men say that a woman without makeup communicates innocence and intimacy. This doesn’t mean that women who wear it don’t communicate same but they would rather have a woman without makeup.
The truth is that no one should dictate to you whether or not you should wear makeup but the above points tell you that wearing too much of it can cause a problem. So, watch it.


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