Reminders for when things do not go your way

I remember a quote from an unknown author which says “we all have problems and the way we solve them is what makes us different”. 
I bet we have all gone through stages in our lives when things do not seem to be moving in the direction we want it to. This happens because we all have a fixed idea of the direction our lives should take and how it should be.

Take time for deep reflection and ask yourself pointed questions about your life. Your answers should be honest. Acknowledge what is going on well for you and try to give yourself a break.
Wear your thinking cap and refuse to be put in a box. Flexibility comes into play here. If life isn’t going the way you planned, simply adjust and start with what is working for you. This will lay a foundation for which more positive things can be attracted to your life.
In difficult times and when it becomes so unbearable, always remember that this storm too will pass. The sun always shines brightest just after dawn. Instead of wallowing and thinking so much about what is not working, take action and control the things happening in your life that you have the power to control.


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